The Real "Enemy of Human Race"
31st March, 2002

Resident, RELNET CORP. 
Yoshinobu Miyake

■The Unhappiness started from Genoa Summit

It is an old story, but I would like to turn it to the last summer as one hint is hidden when we think about the change of the world situation after the September 11th. The warm front rose extraordinary early this spring all over Japan. It is lack of scientific ground to judge 'it is getting warmer on the earth' by the phenomenon of a specific area of one single year. The cherry-blossom in my garden was hanging on to the tree as if it had celebrated my son's entrance into a junior high school. However, what I most surprised was that green frogs loosed (or living) in the garden started croaking already (the new record of the first croak on the 31st of March).

The below is my letter of request dated July 21st addressed to the President George W. Bush. This letter might be a clue to think about this issue. (There is a department to receive letters from the citizen as American political tradition. Because this department was aimed as a target, the 'anthrax' became a big issue.)                       

July 21, 2001
H.E. George W. Bush
President of the United States of America

Dear Mr. President;

I, Yoshinobu Miyake, would like you and your government to ratify the Kyoto Protocol concluded in the Third Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, in December 1997, that the United States also attended to decide each country's amount of greenhouse gas emission.

It's the urgent challenge for all the creatures on this planet as well as human beings to prevent global warming at the earliest possible opportunity. It's so serious issue that whatever differences of race, nationality, ethnic, religion, culture, language, or political system becomes a trifle.

Now, the United States with the largest greenhouse gas emission tries to keep competitive advantage of your industry seeking only immediate gain. Moreover, your country not only denies ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, but also declares seceding from the international society. I have to regard your action as egoism abandoning the status and honor of "the world leader" that your nation is proud with.

I would like to require you, with our deepest with to prevent further deterioration of environment, to act harmoniously with governments and nations in the world, to return to the framework of the Kyoto Protocol immediately, and to make the Protocol effective in 2002.

Respectfully yours,

Yoshinobu Miyake
President and CEO,

The reason I sent such letter of request to the President of the United States was that the 27th G8 Summit Meeting was held in Genoa, Italy, at that time and the re-conference of COP6 was being in progress as well. (Note: COP6 = the 6th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was held in Bonn, Germany, a year before. Some problems they had left during this conference was solved in the Summit and they were under the final discussion aiming at the effectuation of "Kyoto Protocol" in 2002.)

This Genoa Summit, as we can see it from that NGO groups who were against 'the Globalization' went there in large numbers and tried to prevent it. It gave us an impression: the developed countries have been leading the world to a favorable direction, but the idea itself is coming to an end. The main eight countries (G8) completed "the declaration", and regarding the Kyoto Protocol to prevent global warming, they wrote it clearly 'the disagreement of opinions' among each countries on the basis of the fact that there was still the conflict between America and Europe. As a result, the declaration was limited to mention that 'they would cooperate to achieve the common objectives' to reduce greenhouse gas emission. (Note: This is obviously against the Kyoto Protocol.) Moreover, the usual items 'Disarmament, Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Arms Control' were deleted and it brought into relief the limitation of cooperative system of G8. Of course, this was caused by Bush's doctrine of national benefit in America started this year.

The G8 communique consists of 1) strategic approach to reduce poverty in developing countries, 2) investment for future, 3) further prosperity in the society where every social class takes part in and so on. In the preamble, they emphasize that 'we decide that the globalization will help especially the poor in the world'. Also, they regard the action done by those who were anti-globalization and prevented from opening Genoa Summit as 'the prevention done by a few of violent people' and mentioned that they do not admit it. However, it is clear that those objections were done not only by the minority group. From world-wide view, it is apparent that only a small percentage of people can get the wealth by the globalization, while the majority of them will be in narrow circumstances. After the G8 Summit, the people all over the world were astonished by an intense protest against the globalization on the basis of American standard. Needless to say it was the 'September 11th'.

■President Bush is the "Enemy of Human Race"

Since September 11th, for about 3 months, Americans paid their attention to the war in Afghanistan (a retaliation war on the plea of 'operations of arresting Osama bin Laden') and the anthrax panic in their country. On the other hand, an important international conference was being held which would decide the fate of planet in the 21st century. However I wonder if it was a plot of the Bush administration who opposed the conference itself, as long as I watched news in Japan, it was pity to be reported merely about the seventh Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP7). 4 years ago, "Kyoto Protocol" was concluded in COP3 held in Kyoto where Japan was the chair country, and an international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emission was made by the advanced nations as leaders. (Japanese media reported this extensively at that time.) The advanced nations pledged themselves internationally how much they would reduce the gas every year respectively on the basis of their emission of greenhouse gas (mainly carbon dioxide and CFC, so called freon gas) at the point of 1990 and promised to prevent the climate from changing any more.

Yoshinobu Miyake talks to Ms Junko Kawaguchi, the Foreign Minister of the Environment Agency at that time.

This treaty (Framework Convention on Climate Change) was planned to become effective from 2002 under the provision of "Kyoto Protocol", but the United States amongst the main countries gave notice 'to secede from the framework of Kyoto Protocol' in Genoa Summit. The most energy consuming country is the United States. Nevertheless, when many countries decided 'to make an effort to protect the environment on the global scale at any economical cost', the most rich country in the world (that is, consuming energy in large quantities), the United States broke the promise, which was concluded in COP3 by the initiative of the Vice President, Al Gore, in order to keep their convenient life and their wealth.

Just after the September 11th, the President George W. Bush called the leader in this case by name and said 'enemy of human race' or 'challenging for the civilization'. However, Bush administration declared 'their leaving' from the international treaty about the reduction of the greenhouse gas which is possible to give fatal effects on either advanced and developing countries, or either Muslim and Christian countries, or not only human beings but also every creatures on this planet Earth. How can we call their act but 'enemy of human race' or 'challenging for the civilization'?  The President Bush himself was used to be a president of a oil company in Texas, so it is impossible to ask him to reduce the energy consumption, in this case the energy refers to fossil fuel including petroleum. His father, the former President George Bush, intervened the territory contention between Iraq and Kuwait and expanded it into the Gulf War involving multinational forces, because he was closely connected with petroleum resources on the Persian Gulf. 'Enron Scandal' by the present administration is connected with the petroleum as well.

■Cherry Blossoms Falls with a Good Grace

The Prime Minister Jun'ichiro Koizumi behaved strangely enough to visit to both America and Europe just before the Genoa G8 Summit. He 'became a mediator' of his own accord between the U.S. being against "Kyoto Protocol" and the E.U. supporting effectuation of it. First, he went to America, not even tried to convince them but just listened to their opinions, and he left there for Europe with his message 'I'll tell your opinion to the E.U.'. Then, he told the leaders of European countries including French President Jacques Chirac 'I'll tell your opinion to the United States' and came back to Japan. In fact, the Prime Minister Koizumi did nothing special. Mr. Koizumi, who took up a post of the prime minister just 3 months before the Summit, could not help being ridiculed like 'He did it for his sake to introduce himself to the world'. It was disgraceful of him.

As we can see it from their solidarity for the terrorism this time, even they have different opinions, the relation between American and European is like the one of 'the next doors'. Therefore, there is no use for Japanese in intervening their relationship. Meanwhile, as I mentioned already, now the people's interest move to the fear of the terrorism and the war and they are not interested in how greenhouse gas will affect badly on the planet for the next thousands year. This situation finally will cause a more awful state of affairs than biological and chemical terrorism.

The average temperature of March this year in Japan was exceeded 3 degrees than normal year and it hastened the bloom of cherry blossoms unusually. As it is often pointed out, a slight rise of the average temperature on the whole earth makes glaciers on the ground (on the Antarctic or the each continent) melt, then the surface of the sea starts rising. As a result, not only all the small island countries on the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans will disappear, but also the most of the big city in the world, such as New York, Tokyo and London, will sink to the bottom of the sea. In addition, even in the ice age the average temperature on the earth was 5 degrees in Celsius less than the current temperature and with such temperature the most part of the ground was covered with glaciers. If the opposite situation happened, the most of the Temperate Zone in the middle/high latitude where many advanced countries are located will be possible to become the Torrid Zone or the Subtropical Zone. This will not only affect on the food production on the earth but also spread the tropical epidemics such as Malaria and the damage by venomous snakes and poisonous insects.

Not only the anthrax but also every infectious disease - cholera, typhoid fever, Malaria, Evola fever, West Nile Virus and so on - will worry the most of the advanced countries. Those situations might happen, but the United States that still think of her own profit, must not call the other country as 'an enemy of human beings'. Without knowing my fear of miserable future of our civilization, the cherry tree in my garden starts falling 'with a good grace' in the summer sunshine.